More than a shelter


How can emergency shelters provide emergency housing with more than just a tent? With the rise in devastating crisis throughout the world, a demand has been created for affordable, long lasting, and weather-proof shelters to house displaced families in the aftermath of a conflict or natural disaster as a temporary residence for victims who have lost or abandoned their homes. 


Temporary shelters that are currently available range from the most temporary tent accommodation through the transitional shelter to building permanent houses and settlements and include the most basic kind of ad hoc structure.  


Global Manufacturers has developed a shelter system that offers an insulated livable and more dignified home that can last over 20 years!  These models were designed to meet the individual's basic needs while focused on the need for a "home" instead of merely a shelter after a forced resettlement. 



disaster relief...

is at the forefront of the world's consciousness. What does one do when their home and belongings have been destroyed? All over the world whether it is due to fire, floods, hurricanes, or any other natural or man-made disaster, there is a need for disaster relief shelters.



In the calm after the storm, victims are left to pick up the pieces. Temporary shelters are a key part of the recovery process to begin to rebuild lives when a disaster has left families homeless with just the clothes on their backs.​





Your family may not be together when a disaster occurs, so it is detrimental to plan in advance. How will you communicate? How will you get back together?  


Your family is depending on you. Have a family meeting to make an emergency preparedness plan with this document that could help you save the most important people in your life. The Family Disaster Plan is a template and guide that will help you prepare for and survive a disaster.