William L. Close is Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Global Manufacturers.

William L. Close


William L. Close: 40+ years in the manufacturing world and will work with new product development specializing in the molding and manufacturing elements. Mr. Close has worked with a diverse group of product designers, Material suppliers, Computer design firms, Model shops, production tooling and mold builders (injection

molding, Blow molding, Vacuum forming, sheet extrusion, Roto molding, Punch tooling, Custom designed tooling and automated assembly equipment)


My focus with Global Manufacturing is to get involved with all products or project inception and support its development from a molding, manufacturing capability, and cost of goods viewpoint, through to product launch.


The range of clients and end users served goes from toys, consumer products, to

aerospace components. Past and present clients are:


- Proctor and Gamble

- The Holmes group

- Konica Minolta

- Jarden Consumer Products

- J & J

- Kodak

- Euro Pro

- Orion Safety Products

- Ekco Housewares

- World Kitchen

- Corning glass works

- Windermere Exercise Co.

- Pressman Toy Company

- Jacks Pacific

- Atom Design

- Tri-Star Products

- The Farm design

- The Hughes Group

- Coarc contract manufacturing